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1222 W. 86th St.
Indianapolis, IN 46254
(317) 844-9451
Round two of my trip to Thailand in the Circle City brought me to lunch at Sawasdee with my high school friends: @MJSki111, @BWL1285, and @MattFerg6. The previous time I had ate there was with my coworkers. I orderd a noodle dish and yarfed at work later that day. Again, it has nothing to do with the restaurant, but rather my weird aversion to Thai noodles. The highlight was during the meal, a young Thai boy jumped out of a closet behind us whilst holding himself, doing the pee pee dance, and then darted for the potty. I can only imagine he was back there in an intense game of Pokemon and couldn't break away until the last second. This time was a little more normal. I was very happy with the service. @MattFerg6 thinks I am too generous of a tipper. If service is good, I always go 20%, just because I appreciate good service as much as good food. Average service is 15%. Anything below average, I would rather speak to the manager, and still tip at least 15%, but let the staff know that I was unhappy with my service.The wait staff was very friendly. Our drinks were never less than half full, and the food came out quickly. This is always a plus during the lunch hour as it takes a little less than 10 minutes to get there from our new office. We were finished with the meal within half an hour, so we had more time to chat before returning to the grind. Sawasdee is the largest of the 3 Thai restauarants I visited. It was also the most crowded. The dining room was split into two when you walk in, and it seems that the right side of the restaurant was much brighter than the entry room. Of the three restaurants, it was also the most decorated. The walls are covered with Thai inspired art, there are statues everywhere, and there is a 3 foot bottle of wine one of the dining rooms. 
Sawasdee offers the most amount of food of the 3 restaurants. You get to choose 2 appetizers from soup, salad, and spring rolls. I went with two spring rolls that come with sweet and sour dipping sauce. If you laid out spring rolls from all three restaurants, I would not be able to tell the difference. It is just nice you get two appetizers and an entree for $6.95. For my entree, I ordered Kao Padd Bai Kra Prow, or the #3 on the lunch menu. I stick to ordering the number next to the entree as it easier. It is Thai fried rice with meat, onions, bell pepper, banana pepper, and Thai basil. In terms of heat level, I requested it medium. Next time I will jump up to hot instead as I did not think that the meal had a lot of heat. The hottest option is "Thai Hot". If winter ever gets to us this year, I'll try Thai Hot to warm up on a cold day. The texture of the rice was pretty sticky and oily. The flavor was great though. There were not as many banana peppers as Thai Papaya, and I like the addition of bell pepper to their dish. It is white onion instead of green onion. I prefer that because the onions soften up during the cooking process and I do not like anything crunchy when I am eating rice. I did like this dish overall better than Thai Papaya mostly because of banana peppers and onions. They also offer you sliced oranges post meal to cleanse your palate. It is a nice refreshing end to your meal. I would go back and order this again. 

In honor of the King's Birthday today:
"After a hard day of basic training, you could EAt a rattlesnake." - Elvis Presley

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