Wednesday, April 4, 2012

BRU Burger Bar

410 Massachusettes Ave
Indianapolis, IN 46202
(317) 635-4BRU(4278)
BRU Burger Bar

I've come to the realization that I go on food kicks. After my delicious burger at Twenty Tap, I followed that with trips to Boogie Burger and BRU. All three were equally amazing, but unique in their own right. It would be hard to pick a favorite of the three. I will say that the service at BRU was spectacular. Our waitress, Jackson, was happy, friendly, and helpful from the moment we sat down. She asked if we had ever eaten here before and the proceeded to explain the menu. "We are known for burgers and beer. All the meat is organically farmed and we strive to use the freshest ingredients." The only question I had about the menu was; which is better, fries or onion rings? she said "They are both good but, our onion rings are cooked to order. We have slices of onions sitting in a bath of buttermilk, then they are hand breaded and fried." I was sold. We did not have to wait very long for our food to come out either. Jackson would come check on us to see how we were doing and kept our refills coming. (I opted out on the beer because they were out of the only beer I wanted.) The restaurant itself is moderately sized. The only other time I had been was when we stopped in during the Super Bowl, but it was a 2 hour wait. On a Monday during dinner, we came right in and sat down. I know weekends are pretty crowded and you will have to wait to be seated at a table. The good thing about BRU is that they have a huge bar. It spans pretty much 3/4 the length of the restaurant. If you don't get a table, you are likely to find a spot at the bar. I would describe the restaurant as classically modern or hipster fancy. The art on the wall in front of me were old pictures of Mass Ave. (fancy) but they had a colorful mural of a city (hipster) on the wall near the restrooms.

I mentioned I ordered the onion rings. They were as good as advertised. The only problem was there were only 5 rings. I just wanted a few more as they were so tasty. The rings were perfectly fried to a golden brown and they use a PBR based batter (so hipster). For my main course, I decided on the Blazing Saddles burger. The burgers are a blend of three cuts of meat. BRU uses a mix of sirloin, chuck, and brisket. This combination results in an ideal ratio of fat and lean meat. The burger was cooked to slightly more done than medium. It was juicy and a tad messy, but that is expected with a burger. Burgers are not a dainty food item. This burger was topped with habanero cheese, roasted jalepenos, chipotle remoulade, and garden (lettuce, tomato, onion). At first glance, you would think that this is an extremely spicy burger, but it was more on the medium side. It had heat, but was not too powerful. I couldn't pinpoint where the sweetness came from, but later I learned they add a tomato jam. The chipotle remoulade added a smokey and creamy flavor. The roasted jalepenos added freshness. I think the roasting cuts out some of the heat from the jalepeno. I asked Jackson to bring both the house ketchup and BBQ sauce. The ketchup was unlike any ketchup I had ever eaten. It was much thicker in texture and it had a sweet, tangy flavor, that had a little bit of a kick at the end. The BBQ sauce was sweet and smokey and also had a little kick. The sauces complimented the saltiness of the onion rings. To top things off, Jackson comped our dessert because it was JBH's birthday. We were so full from the meal, she even packed it in a to-go dish for us. We ordered the chocolate mousse. It was hard to tell how good it was because we did not eat it until a couple hours later. I do remember there being nice big chunks of dark chocolate.

I will definitely go back. There were a couple more menu items that I would like to try including the Mexicali burger and the patty melt. There is a nice sidewalk space in front of the restaurant, and my co-worker and I are convinced they will use it as an outdoor dining space. This will also alleviate some of the wait for tables.

"A grown man is so secure with himself he will go flip burgers to make sure his baby can EAt." -Madea

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