Sunday, May 15, 2011

3 Sisters Cafe

6360 Guilford Ave
Indianapolis, IN 46220

So this is the last post before I start my Adult Spring break entries. PJB requested I start posting more often, so here goes. If you dont know, 3 Sisters is located right outside of the heart of
 Broad Ripple... 
Home of the Rockets. 
Stick up your hands and
Empty your pockets
My older brother was trying to get me to go to 3 Sisters for a while, he had been before, but the restaurant was getting some major pub after their feature on Diners, Drive Ins, and Dives (DDD). We went right before the church crowd hit on Sunday morning, so we were seated right away. Within 20 minutes, there was a wait out the door. Here is my quick take on DDD, I think Guy Fieri is kind of a d-bag. Okay, so he knows his food, I'll give him that. But his personality is a little too much for me. He is a decent chef, but a terrible host. I would watch Minute to Win It more frequently, but I just can't take his commentary. WJB did point out the fact that he stole my style in high school, where I flipped my sunglasses on the back of my head. Now, I know why I was made fun of for that... I do prefer him over Adam Richman (Man Vs Food). Now that guy is the epitome of a douche and I'm pretty sure his life expectancy is about 42. Keep up eating those 8 pound burritos bro! America can hear you getting fatter...

So let's talk food. I ordered the Thick Sliced Vanilla Cream French Toast. I haven't ordered French Toast in a while, so I went for it. I'd have to say I made a glorious choice. There were 5 hefty pieces of toast, enough for a grown man to get full. I don't know how they made the toast, but if I were to venture a guess, the toast was dipped in an egg and vanilla cream batter, then thrown on the griddle. They were savory and sweet and I always love the nice dusting of powdered sugar. My brother ordered the lemon blueberry corn cakes that were featured on DDD with blueberry compote.

The corn cakes were unlike anything I have ever eaten before. To me they tasted like something that you would eat on the prairie in the pioneer days. I think it is because I am under the impression that everyone back then ate some sort of corn meal based food. If you could imagine corn bread, with blueberries that is fried on a griddle. I'm not sure I would order them for myself, because I enjoyed the french toast so much, but I do recommend if you are in the market for something different and very filling. For dessert, we decided on the Blueberry Goat Cheese Pie, also featured on DDD. Blueberry Goat Cheese Pie you ask? Also unlike anything I have ever eaten before. If you ask anyone in my family, I love pie. Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday because of the pies. The crust on this pie was amazing. It was buttery and flaky and just worked well with filling. That is a breaking point for me, you have to have great crust. Graham cracker is a personal favorite. The filling was very creamy because of the goat cheese. The goat cheese was pretty mild in flavor and mixed well with the sweet and tart flavor of the blueberries. Overall it was not your typical dessert pie, it was more savory than sweet. The majority of the sweetness in the pie came from the whipped cream and caramel drizzle. I recommend this as well if you are feeling adventurous and if you have room after the generous entree.

Our service was wonderful. Our waitress was very friendly and knowledgeable about the menu. I highly recommend trying this place out. The quality of ingredients really stand out. Most of all, I love the atmosphere. It is unique in that it was an old house, transformed into a restaurant. It really feels like you are eating at home, minus all the strangers milling around. I take that back. At our house on the weekends, sometimes strangers ARE milling around in the morning. Holla!

"I have a great diet. You're allowed to EAt anything you want, but you must EAt it with naked fat people."

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