Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Henry's Coffee Bistro (East St.)

Indianapolis, IN 46202
Henry's Coffee Bistro

It was a Saturday morning, we decided to try something different for brunch. I have had Henry's for lunch before (I had the Chipotle Turkey Sandwich. The Asian slaw is the best I've ever had. I highly recommend it. It was a long time ago, so I can't give an accurate review. All I remember is that I couldn't put it down.)

Henry's is a very charming neighborhood coffee house. It is a very welcoming atmosphere. Every time I have been in there, it seems like the tables are full of students with their lap tops or a people meeting for a coffee date.  My favorite thing about Henry's is the friendly workers. I do not go there enough, but I feel like its the Cheers of coffeehouses, where everyone knows your name.  Patron after patron would come into the restaurant, and it seemed like the barista would already know what they were going to order. The staff is very accommodating. The morning I went, a couple of ladies were celebrating a birthday. A Henry's regular came in to order a fair amount of baked goods. He asked for the last chocolate chip cookie, but the employee was already saving it for the birthday girl. I thought that was really thoughtful. The workers really put the customer first.

The brunch menu is only served on the weekends from 9am-2pm. I wasn't too hungry, so I just ordered a breakfast sandwich. The BLT bagel looked really good to me. As you can see, the sandwich came with a side of plain yogurt. This was a very pleasant surprise. I couldn't tell if this was Greek yogurt or not. It had the tart flavor and thicker texture of a Greek yogurt. Regardless, it was great addition to the meal. The BLT was perfect. It has an avocado aioli spread. There wasn't a strong avocado flavor, but you can definitely taste it. The bacon was crisp throughout, which I love. My mom always made her bacon extra crispy which is probably why I have grown accustomed to crispy bacon. The Romaine lettuce offered a nice crunch as well. The best part of the sandwich was the addition of cream cheese. It worked as a binding of all the components of the sandwich. Sometimes the tomatoes slide off the end of the bread, but cream cheese kept it all together. I also enjoyed how the sandwich was sent through the panini press after it was constructed. At the end of the day I was extremely satisfied with the total package of the meal.  JBH ordered the biscuits and gravy. The sausage gravy was full of flavor. It packed a nice peppery punch, which I love in my gravy. The only knock I have on the biscuits were they were a little on the crunchy side. The insides were tender, but the the crust was more done. Overall, I would order both meals again. I didn't order a cup of coffee, but I probably should have. I always load my coffee with cream and sugar, so either way I couldn't tell you what a good cup of coffee tastes like. I'm sure Henry's is delightful.

What you need to know: The staff is top notch. If you are having a bad day, go to Henry's. Their friendliness rivals that of a Chick-Fil-A employee. If you choose to dine for lunch, make sure you get the Asian slaw. It has free wi-fi, so if you need a quiet place to study downtown, Henry's is a great option.

You are what you EAt.

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